Copan Flock Technologies’ flexibility, versatility, expertise and products can help customers achieve better results by generating quantitative samples. Clients can outsource entire projects from design and development to manufacturing and final kit packaging. Copan Flock Technologies is backed by extensive scientific expertise in specimen management from the moment the sample is taken until it arrives in the microbiology laboratory. Customers are confident that by investing in the proper collection tools, developed together with CFT, they can increase the sensitivity and specificity of their assays.


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Copan Flock Technologies, a division of the COPAN Group, is dedicated to developing innovative devices for sample collection, transport, preservation and processing to serve diagnostic, biotechnology and life science companies including forensics. Copan Flock Technologies (CFT) is unique within the COPAN group in many respects:

  • CFT’s business-to-business strategy is to serve the wholesale needs for sample collection, transport, preservation, and processing of diagnostic, biotechnology and life science companies, including forensics.
  • COPAN’s flagship innovation, FLOQSwabs™, opened the door for CFT to further expand its capabilities to create improved devices, not just swabs, for collecting and eluting samples used in a wide variety of applications from molecular assays, antigen testing and EIA to Forensics, DNA paternity kits, and drugs of abuse testing kits.
  • CFT is a total solution provider that works in partnership with industry clients to develop customized or unique products.
  • Copan Flock Technologies has an extensive range of capabilities and know-how available, including expert resources in the field of medical sciences, product design and engineering in addition to a fully equipped molecular biology laboratory and wide manufacturing and packaging capabilities.
  • Using the latest technology, Copan Flock Technologies manufactures and packages high quality products at competitive prices.
  • Copan Flock Technologies understands that only by a proper sample, the right assay sensitivity can be obtained, and it works with its customers to achieve their targets


February 23, 2016
Copan and Mawi’s iSWAB-­ID compatibility
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